Raspberry Ketone Featured on Dr. Oz Show

Raspberry Ketone becomes more popular as it was featured on Dr. Oz Show where he stated that it is a "Miracle Fat Burner." It also holds great promises as a fat-burner and also health improving supplement.

Dr Oz Raspberry KetoneGreen Coffee Bean extracts has also in trends as much like Raspberry Ketone because it also featured on Dr Oz show where he claims that "it burns fat fast with no exercise or diet."

Thus, Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean extracts take the weight loss market by storm as these two supplements helped millions of people to reduce extra pound in a natural way.

Ketone Balance DuoThese two most potent ingredients are now packed in one supplement Ketone Balance Duo doctors recommended brand, which is a new innovative formulation to help you to lose extra weight naturally and effectively.

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What is Ketone Balance Duo?

Ketone Balance Duo is a best brands weight loss supplement which includes exact dosages of most potent ingredients.

It is one of the finest fat busters which help you to lose maximum weight by breaks down your fats with boosting your metabolism.

Ketone Balance Duo (Raspberry Ketone + Green Coffee Extract Combo)
Ketone Balance Duo100% Satisfaction
Ingredients 100% Pure Raspberry Ketone 200mg (Recommended dosage)
Additional Ingredients 100% Pure Green Coffee Extract 200mg (Recommended dosage)
Vegeterian Friendly Yes
Daily Dosage 2 capsules, one in morning with breakfast and one with lunch
Additional Benefits Benefits of Raspberry Ketone + Green Coffee Extract (both ingredients featured on Dr. Oz Show & according to recommended dosage)
Price $59 per bottle
Best Seller: $354 $225 (5 + 1 Free Bottle As Seen on TV)
Note: Currency Option Available at checkout page Australian Dollar AUD$, Canadian Dollar CAD$, US Dollar $, British Pound Sterling £ and Euro € (more currency option available at checkout page)
Side Effects 100% Pure Ingredients without any side effects
Who Shouldn’t take Ketone Balance Duo? If you’re pregnant, breastfeeding mother or have a known medical condition should consult your GP or doctors first.
Overall Rating
5/5 Rating
Money Back Guarantee 30-Days, No question asked full money-back guarantee. You’ll lose weight or your money back – Win-Win Situation in both the condition.
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Why to choose Ketone Balance Duo as compare to other brands?

Ketone Balance Duo includes Dr Oz and Lisa Lynn recommended dosage of super fruit Raspberry Ketones which break down your body fat to lose maximum weight. In this supplement, it also works with Green Coffee Bean extracts to boosts your metabolic system.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Ketone Balance Duo

  • 100% Pure & Natural weight loss supplement
  • Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean extracts featured on Dr Oz show
  • Finest fat buster i.e. breaks down your body fat with boosting your metabolism
  • Suitable for Men and Women with Zero Side Effects
  • Packed with most potent antioxidant – Green Tea extract

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Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean extract also gets popular media attention such as Dr Oz show and worldwide media, including BBC, CNN, ABC, Daily Mail and lots more.

Not only that, this amazing supplement also includes green tea extracts that stimulates your metabolism, which burns more body fat, increases your energy levels and detoxify your body.

How does Ketone Balance Duo work for you?

Ketone Balance Duo works as a fat buster as it includes two most powerful fat burners raspberry ketones and Green Coffee Bean extract where raspberry ketone provides you a fruity aroma with amazing fat-burning capacity while Green Coffee extracts stimulate your metabolism with increasing your energy levels.

Besides these two ingredients, it also contains two extracts – green tea extracts, which help you to increases your metabolism as well as detoxifies your body, which means you will lose maximum pounds quickly and easily with improving your health.

On the other hand, Guarana extracts which control your emotional hunger by suppress your appetite as well as boosts your metabolism to burn more body fat.

Ketone Balance Duo Ingredients

Ketone Balance Duo also works as:

  • To break down your body fat more successfully that means your body being capable to burn more fat at a faster pace.
  • It includes unroasted green coffee that is rich in Chlorogenic acid, which inhibits the discharge of glucose into your blood stream. By slow down the absorption of glucose in your bloodstream that decreases the absorption of fat.
  • Suppress your appetite by you feel fuller during a meal and fuller for longer periods.

Ketone Balance Duo only includes those ingredients which helps you to lose maximum weight quickly and naturally with improving your metabolism without any side effects.

How it works

Ketone Balance Duo Benefits:

  • Reduces your maximum weight naturally and quickly
  • Increases your metabolism to burn more body fat
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Suppress your appetite to control your emotional cravings
  • No known side effects
  • Vegeterian Friendly

Will Ketone Balance Duo works for you?

Other Raspberry Ketone or Green Coffee Bean supplements only help you to lose weight in one way because it contains one ingredient. But Ketone Balance Duo works in multiple ways as it includes four most potent ingredients that help you overall.

Plus you’ll get a full 30-Days money-back guarantee. It will work for you or your full money back no question asked.

Any Ketone Balance Duo side effects?

Ketone Balance Duo includes all the natural and scientifically proven ingredients to lose maximum weight as well as improving your overall health with zero side effects.

However, if you are pregnant or nursing women, or have an identified medical condition, you have to consult with your doctor before taking this supplement.

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Ketone Balance Duo Summary

Raspberry Ketone Success StoriesOverall Ketone Balance Duo is a premium brand of raspberry ketone which is not only burn your body fat but it also increases your energy levels and also suppress your appetite.

Actually, Ketone Balance Duo includes four most powerful weight loss ingredients that are Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean extracts, Green Tea extracts and Guarana extracts per serving.

As well, Ketone Balance Duo has been well-known as a one of the best researched and tested raspberry ketone supplement in today’s market.

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